Romibo has been designed to be easy for therapists and interventionists to add to their existing programs.

ABA, SLP, PRT, VB, PT, RN. MCSW. No matter what your acronym, Romibo can be adapted for your clients. 

Here are a few examples of how Romibo can be used in one to one therapy:

Introductions prompting:

1.) The therapist, holding an iPad, presses buttons that make Romibo roll over to the student.

2.) The therapist then presses a button that makes Romibo say "Hi Ethan!"

3.) The therapist can then prompt Ethan to reply with the expected response. 

(this is often a difficult social interaction to model since you can't always have a third person available to provide the prompts)

Reciprocal language:

1.) The therapist presses buttons to make Romibo say "I like Thomas the Tank"

2.) The therapist can now prompt Ethan to say "I like Thomas too"